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RightEye Testing – Eye Tracking Software

About RightEye Eye Tracking Software

Eyes are the windows to the soul. That is what some say, but in reality, eyes are windows to the brain.

RightEye is a quick, portable eye tracking software that can detect subtle but common vision issues that can result from concussion and other neurological problems. RightEye is able to track these eye movements with a device that is like an all-in-one computer. The Dynamic Vision Report takes about 5 minutes and addition test only taking a few more minutes.

It turns out that the way someone’s eyes move can tell you a lot about them and their nervous system and eye tracking software can make it much easier to evaluate. We may not be aware of it, but we all differ in how we carry out several simple actions, from flicking our eyes back and forth to seamlessly tracking a moving target, to name a few. In some cases, your eyes may overcorrect, fail to line up correctly, or track upwards or downwards when traveling in a straight line, for example.

However, specific patterns that are significantly different from the baseline might be intense symptoms of ailments such as concussions and eye muscle difficulties — and even conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and autism spectrum disorders.

RightEye eye tracking software can be used to find functional visual problems.

RightEye is an eye tracking software and testing system that can be used to assist in the diagnosis of concussions and other neurological conditions. Reports can quantify how well a patient performs on the tests and can give feedback on how conditions like concussion have improved over time with appropriate therapy. This is a revolutionary software that has can affect those that practice Functional Neurology or Chiropractic Neurology and neuro-optometry.

To give you an example, one test in game form has you protecting a space station, destroying approaching spacecraft only by looking at them, to provide you with an idea of what it is like. Certain colored ships, on the other hand, must not be destroyed, which means that you must notice them in your peripheral vision and avoid gazing at them directly. Another test requires you to flick your eyes swiftly between two targets that appear on opposing sides of the screen, displaying accuracy and the ability to perform saccades properly (micro-corrections made by your eye muscles).

The eye’s performance as a matched pair is evaluated in real-time, as each eye is tracked independently of the other using this eye tracking software. An easy-to-understand results sheet displays their actual motions as well as how far they have strayed from the baseline (if at all).

There are two particularly fascinating applications for this eye tracking technology: diagnosing vision-related cognitive impairments in children and developing an eye fitness test for athletes involved in sports.

RightEye eye tracking software can help with vision and learning.
RightEye eye tracking software can help with vision and learning.

If a child was having trouble learning to read or was having trouble paying attention in class, the immediate thought is ADHD as it should be. But it is a possibility that a vision problem could be lurking. Problems with how the eyes move like moving off of a horizontal line when reading a line of text could make reading a book or the blackboard difficult and frustrating.

This is not a revolutionary new concept — but until recently, the only way to reliably and objectively evaluate individual eye movements was to consult with an expert, perhaps after other possible reasons for a behavior failed to materialize. RightEye’s test is virtually self-contained and may detect or rule out the possibility of vision impairments in as little as five minutes.

It gives us great pleasure to offer a more comprehensive vision assessment that uses the most advanced and cutting-edge eye-tracking equipment. Dr. Royer may utilize the RightEye system to diagnose and treat functional vision and brain health disorders, determine the core cause of reading difficulties, and improve athletic performance. We can diagnose and cure underlying vision abnormalities affecting our patients’ quality of life in as little as 5 minutes using this proven and patented technology, which is faster and more accurate than a typical eye exam. To be clear, this software does not replace a good neurological examination or a thorough neuro-optometric examination.


Your two eyes and brain must all operate together to navigate the world. It is this relationship that contributes to the creation of your dynamic vision. In contrast, a typical eye exam only examines the physical health of your eyes and your ability to focus on stationary objects; it does not assess crucial dynamic vision skills, including eye coordination and movement. A functional vision problem can manifest itself in the following ways which can be revealed by RightEye’s eye tracking software:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Skipping lines of print or rereading
  • Inability to pay attention
  • Reading comprehension issues
  • Coordination or balance problems
  • A slow work completion rate
  • Previous traumatic brain injury (concussions, strokes)
  • A lack of desire to read
  • Frequently occurring headaches

RightEye Dynamic Vision is a 5-minute, non-invasive test that may be conducted in our offices to detect a dynamic vision problem and put you on the road to recovery.

Below are images of slow eye movements known as pursuits and you can see the eye movements on the left are impaired compared to the right.

Below you will see RightEye recordings of rapid eye movements, which are called saccades. Notice how the movements on the left appear to be on target while the movements on the right are extremely erratic. The eye movements on the left are normal and the eye movements on the right are extremely impaired. Therapy can help the person on the right move their eyes better over time to become more like to one on the left.

Normal saccadic eye movements.
RightEye eye tracking software can find problems with saccadic eye movements.


Visual input accounts for over 80 percent of all perceptual input in sports. Even 20/20 eyesight, however, does not guarantee that athletes are performing at their best. Objects do not just sit there doing nothing. They are on the go. Fast. Regular eye tests may disclose that you have good vision, but they cannot determine how well you can decide on where a ball is in space, how quickly it is traveling, or whether it is changing directions.

We provide vision testing designed exclusively for athletes as a result of this. The specific vision skills that affect reflexes and hand-eye coordination can be measured with the help of cutting edge eye-tracking technology, including: 

  • The rate at which your eyes move
  • Quickness of processing
  • Dynamic visual focus
  • Consistent visual pursuit
  • Quick response time
  • Selective reaction time
  • Binocular vision
  • Visual focus
  • Contrasting Sensitivity

RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ compares your eye movement, brain processing, and reaction time to those of peers, amateurs, and professional athletes through the use of EyeQ technology. When the report identifies areas for development, our optometrists will develop a plan for you based on a database of more than 150 training drills available on the internet. Moreover, you could find yourself stepping up your game in as little as three weeks!


Visual perception is not the same as eyesight (the ability to receive information through the eyes) (the ability to understand what that input is). The recognition of this divergence has far-reaching consequences. One out of every four children has a visual problem that interferes with their learning. This vision problem is frequently misdiagnosed as indifference, tiredness, dyslexia, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Even a child with perfect vision can have a vision problem at the root of their learning difficulties.

Vision-related learning problems share many of the same symptoms as a wide range of learning disabilities, including: 

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Skipping lines of print or rereading
  • Reversals of letters
  • Word recognition problems
  • Inability to pay attention
  • Reading comprehension issues
  • Bad handwriting
  • A slow work completion rate
  • A lack of interest in reading

With RightEye’s Reading Assessment test, our doctors can detect vision and brain health issues in ways that are not achievable with regular eye exams, allowing you to make a significant difference in your child’s life.


Whether you have a functional or sports vision issue, our specialists can provide you with at-home workouts that you may complete on your computer or mobile device. You require a computer and an internet connection to complete this task.

EyeQ Trainer is a non-invasive, computer-based treatment that has been shown to improve functional vision in people with low vision. It revitalizes all six eye movement systems and encourages better neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to form new, crucial neural connections. Your RightEye EyeQ test results will be used to assign a set of exercises that you will do at home under the guidance of a trained professional.

The following are some of the significant advantages of the solution:

  • Low-intensity, low-complexity workouts
  • Completed at your convenience and on your timetable
  • Makes use of your PC
  • It only takes 5 minutes, twice a day, to complete.
  • It works on all 12 eye muscles.
  • A noticeable improvement, often within a few weeks of starting treatment

More excellent functional vision and smoother, more accurate eye movements resulting from this procedure can improve focus and attention, increase balance and hand-eye coordination, and enhance efficiency in various activities ranging from reading to driving to sports. EyeQ Trainer is tailored to your requirements, allowing us to concentrate on the most critical areas.

Use your gaze to defend the spaceship and blow up asteroids.
Find the alien with peripheral vision and take it out.
Follow the bubbles.

RightEye is just one of many technologies available at Dr. Royer’s office. He also uses the EQ Brain Performance app to help track his patient’s progress and allow them to do exercises at home.

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