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Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common reason why people visit our Sylvania chiropractic clinic.  

Up to 70% of people in the US will have neck pain that is bad enough to interfere with their daily life in their lifetime. 

Around 50% of the entire population has had significant neck pain in the past 6 months, and worse yet, around half of these people will continue to suffer from neck pain. 

Neck pain is one of the most common causes of disability in the US and is responsible for 18% of all disability payments. The suffering due to neck pain is unnecessary because most neck pain and even the headaches and upper back pain that results from it is mostly preventable.

neck pain

Common Neck Pain Symptoms:

Patients who visit our chiropractic office in Sylvania, Ohio, for neck pain usually complain of the following specific issues that can dramatically impact their lives:

  • Severe neck pain intensity
  • Difficulty with personal care, need help with self-care
  • Problems lifting medium weights
  • Difficulty lifting heavy weights that are not positioned conveniently 
  • Problems reading due to neck pain
  • Text neck
  • Headaches
  • Poor Concentration 
  • Decreased work performance 
  • Decreased driving ability
  • Loss of sleep 
  • Reduced socializing
  • Less time around family
  • Anxiety due to neck pain
  • Depression
  • Decreased recreation activities
  • Lack of control over neck pain

When should I see a chiropractor for neck pain?

 When most people think of chiropractors, they usually think of lower back pain, but chiropractic has a proven track record for treating neck pain and has the research to prove its effectiveness. 

 There’s a multitude of reasons to see a chiropractor for neck pain, but when should you commit to making an appointment? 

 Most of the time, people don’t just immediately call a chiropractor when they have neck pain.

 People typically go through a couple of different stages. 

 After recognizing that they do have pain, most will ignore the pain if it’s not severe enough. When the pain persists, they will typically start taking steps to address it: over-the-counter pain medications, light stretching, etc. 

If these actions don’t help, people start looking for answers from friends or on the Internet. People start doing stretches or exercises that they might’ve found on YouTube that may or may not be good for them.

If your neck pain persists

If things persist long enough or affect their lives enough, people decide to seek professional help, which may consist of going to their primary care physician and getting anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. Does any of this seem familiar? 

Sometimes people will fail physical therapy. It is obvious if you’ve tried multiple things that haven’t worked, chiropractic might be the cure to your neck pain. 

An appointment in our chiropractic office in Sylvania would be appropriate at any of the steps to help get you feeling better quickly, no matter at what point you are starting.


The following are some reasons that you may want to make an appointment with our office.


  • Lack of improvements in your neck pain or stiffness after a few days
  • Pain that is sharp or continuous when you move your neck up, down, left, or right
  • Reliance on over-the-counter pain medication
  • Numbness and tingling in the shoulders, wrists, or hands
  • Spasms in the muscles of your neck, back of head, shoulders, or upper back
  • Motor vehicle accident or workplace injury
  • Worst pain in the morning that subsides during the day
  • Frequent headaches

I love Harmony Chiropractic Center! After moving to Toledo, I knew I needed to look for a new chiropractor. From my first visit to Harmony, I could see Dr. Royer was extremely caring and professional. When describing the pain I was experiencing in my neck and hips, he listened and put a plan into action. He gave me exercises to do at home as well as adjustments every week in the office. I no longer experience headaches from my neck pain, which makes going to work and doing everyday things a breeze. Overall, going to Dr. Royer’s office has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Chelsey – Toledo, OH

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors, but an imbalance of the neuromuscular system is usually to blame.  

Neck pain can be caused by cervical facet issues, cervical disc issues, cervical disc derangement, arthritis in the neck, and can result in pinched nerves. 

People can suffer from herniated discs or overuse injuries, while falls, car accidents, and work injuries can cause neck sprain, strains, and whiplash. 

Poor posture, neck joint dysfunction, muscle knot (trigger points), and weakened muscles can result in neck pain. People can also have poor movement patterns that can cause biomechanical strain on the neck. Sleeping in awkward positions, having cervical instability, or even poorly coordinated movement of the shoulder blade (scapular dyskinesis) can be common causes of neck pain.

There is an extremely important system in the brain that controls the coordination of eye movement in relation to the movement of the head and neck. 

Disruption of the system is known as oculomotor dysfunction and is especially prevalent after trauma to the head or neck. Most chiropractors and physical therapists do not have proper training while Functional Neurologists, like me, are specially trained to identify the presence of these head-eye movement issues and correct them.

Neck pain-related factors

Some other factors tend to lead to neck pain.

Women are inclined to have neck pain more often than men.

Those that have decreased neck strength, or a history of previous neck troubles are more at risk for neck pain.

Smokers are more likely to have a whole host of issues, including neck pain.

People who have labor-intensive jobs are more prone to neck pain.

People who feel they are not supported by family, friends, or at work also have more neck troubles. Specific emotional issues can also include fear & anxiety, depression, over-concentrating on the pain, poor self-confidence, passive coping, and catastrophizing.

Passive coping is when someone just hopes that their pain will go away without focusing on what they can do. Catastrophizing is when one worries about the worst possible outcome, which often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To determine the contributing causes of your neck pain, it is necessary to do a thorough evaluation. A 5-minute evaluation will not be sufficient.

The NeuroMechanical Resilience Method

 The Neuromechanical Resilience Method has been developed by Dr. Royer over his years in practice to effectively treat people with neck pain and other problems.  Dr. Royer has unique training and has earned varied credentials, which have taught him how to approach the diagnosis and treatment of problems like neck pain in a different way than other providers in the Toledo area. 

 The combination of his training in neurology and sports medicine and his focus on rebalancing the spine with the treatments that Harmony Chiropractic has available leads to better outcomes for his patients.

Available chiropractic treatments for neck pain

 Once the cause is discovered by way of a thorough examination, Dr. Royer will determine the right treatments to help relieve you of your neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments are what chiropractors are known for, and chiropractic adjustments are extremely effective at treating neck pain. 

The chiropractic adjustment restores the mobility of the neck in areas where it is restricted and helps to improve your range of motion. A variety of corrective exercises can be given depending on the strength and flexibility of your neck and upper back. 

When a patient’s issue involves problems with restricted tissue and muscle knots/tightness, treatments like Graston Technique, massage therapy, or cupping therapy can be beneficial. Cold Laser Therapy can be effective at reduce pain, inflammation and promoting healing.

Find Pain Relief from Neck Pain

At Harmony Chiropractic, we will recommend a specific method of treatment for you based on the cause of your neck pain to get your life back into harmony. 

We will target the causes of your pain and work with you to get relief from your neck pain. We do not want to just hand out band-aids, as our goal is always to help you improve your resilience and find a long-term solution to your neck pain.

I have been dealing with neck and lower back pain for quite a few years. … Dr. Royer has used new techniques on me that are working for me. I have been to other chiropractic offices where you are there along with five or six other patients at the same time and see the chiropractor for 3 minutes. With Dr. Royer, he is the person working with you your entire visit. I would highly refer anyone to Harmony Chiropractic.

Allison A. – Sylvania, OH

Dr. Royer is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when I have had back pain. He also worked me through a painful pinched nerve in my neck. He is personable and always explains everything very thoroughly. Dr. Royer has helped me to exercise without pain and he taught me how to take precautions and preventative measures to avoid pain. I was amazed at how my back felt better immediately.

Terri P. – Toledo, OH

I give Dr. Royer 5 stars. My daughter is on the high school swim team. Early in the season, she was experiencing intense neck and shoulder pain with a limited range of motion. She would cry while she was swimming in her meets. The coach had her see the athletic trainer who recommended Dr. Royer.

I have been skeptical of chiropractors. I have been in the healthcare field for over 20 years, and most physicians I have worked with are not believers in chiropractic care. During my daughter’s first visit, I was impressed with how thorough an exam Dr. Royer performed. It involved motor, sensory, and range of motion assessments which proved to me he is very knowledgeable. My daughter and I appreciated how he kept her privacy/modesty protected. He was very professional and gained my trust and confidence in chiropractic care. 

The treatments included adjustments, Graston therapy, and applying Kinesio tape to her shoulder for the swim meets. My daughter was also given exercises to do at home. Within a couple weeks her pain was decreased and her range of motion was improving. Without these treatments, my daughter would not have been able to complete her high school swim season and her healing process would have taken a lot longer. 

She was able to compete and make sectionals despite her injury. She was able to keep her speed and earn her varsity letter doing what she loves. Her range of motion was back to 90% by the end of the season, which is quicker than without therapy. Keep in mind swim season is very short but intense. My daughter and I are so thankful for Dr. Royer’s expertise and care. Chelsea, the office manager, and the rest of the staff are fantastic. 

They are professional and compassionate. The office is very clean. There are late appointments to accommodate work schedules. We were able to get in quickly too. They also offer appointment reminder texts. I would definitely recommend Dr. Royer to family and friends.

Noelle – Sylvania, OH

Dr. Royer has been treating me for upper back pain for about 2 months. I have suffered from back pain for years.

I recently moved back to Toledo and needed to find a new Dr. I am a firm believer that chiropractic care is an essential part of my overall well-being and health.

Pain pills and back surgery are not good options for me to deal with my chronic back pain

I am impressed by how thorough Dr. Royer has been. He took a lot of time in determining the source/cause of my pain.

 I have been treated by a handful of chiropractors over the years and had never been treated with the Graston Technique – so I was skeptical at first when Dr. Royer suggested it. I am surprised by how effectively it has worked for me.

 2 months ago, I couldn’t turn my neck from side to side. I am now able to look over my shoulder without discomfort, and my quality of sleep is much improved.

I did feel instant relief from my pain after my first appointment, but my range of motion and overall tightness has steadily improved in the last few weeks with regular visits. Dr. Royer takes a lot of time to understand why and how you are hurting.

If someone is skeptical of chiropractors, I would recommend to them that they at least try Dr. Royer. He will take the time to explain what he is doing and why he thinks it will work in a straightforward, professional manner with no sales pitches or pressure.

Maggie C. – Sylvania, OH

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