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When I came to Dr. Royer, I had little hope of having a life without pain. I had consistent pain in my shoulder and neck, and was limited in my range of motion. I had been experiencing regular pain for 6 years and had visited multiple doctors and physical therapists. In less than 2 months of visiting Dr. Royer, I started noticing significant results and my health has been only getting better with time. I feel that my posture has changed and I know that I can be pain free! Dr. Royer allowed me to take my time in getting comfortable with the chiropractic exam and the Kinesio Tape and Graston Technique he has utilized have been very effective. Dr. Royer takes the time to have a conversation with me at every appointment, answering all of my questions. I never feel like he is rushing me through the conversation. Not only has Dr. Royer shown me how to improve my health, but has explained why his techniques and exercises he recommends are effective. He has also thoroughly explained why I was feeling my pain and experiencing lack of mobility in the first place. Dr. Royer is a truly compassionate professional and has truly shown me how to maintain a life without pain in ways that do not involve dependency on a prescription. My life has changed for the better and my emotional health has improved with the knowledge that I don’t have to accept a life with chronic pain. I am grateful to have visited Dr. Royer!

Mallorie S. – Oregon, OH

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I was told by another doctor to go home and stay off my feet for a month and if after that time my foot still bothered me to come back. I am a very active person, so staying off my feet for a month would be difficult. A short time later after my foot injury friend told me about Harmony Chiropractic and recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Bryan Royer. During the initial exam, Dr. Royer took his time in assessing my foot injury and back issues. He suggested a treatment plan of icing my foot, exercises, Kinesio Taping, Graston, and manipulation of my back. I am amazed at how the Kinesio Tape supported my foot and made it easier to walk. The overall wellness plan of the Kinesio Taping, the Graston technique, foot exercises and back adjustments have helped improve my foot pain to the point where I do not have constant pain every minute of the day and I am able to return to most of my activities. I would recommend anyone with an injury or back problems to see Dr. Bryan Royer at Harmony Chiropractic in Toledo, OH for an assessment right away.

Anita C. – Temperance, MI

crossover gait

I have lived with low back pain and sciatica since 2006. I was taking RD meds, using a heating pad, and just doing whatever I had to do. Resting at all other times. I thought this was my normal. Then about 3 months ago I started getting severe headaches and neck pain. My life was even more curtailed than before. I just did not want to use any more pain medication. I have never tried chiropractic before but I really wanted a different result this time so I made an appointment. Making that appointment was the best thing I have done since this pain started. Within 2 weeks my headache was gone. After a few more weeks my sciatica, numbness and weakness of my leg has disappeared. I started doing the exercises that Dr. Royer recommended and I am pain free, and have more energy than I have had in years. I would recommend Dr. Royer to anyone really wanting and needing to feel better. I would also like to say that Chelsea, the office person is polite, efficient and happy to help with whatever is needed.

Janet B. – Toledo, OH

I went to Dr. Royer experiencing restricted range of motion in my arm and shoulder. I had been treated by another chiropractor resulting in minimal improvement. Dr Royer initially spent time talking with me about the history of my problem, and then we discussed treatment options. His professional application of the treatment regime resulted in greatly improving the range of motion in my arm and shoulder. Dr Royer keeps abreast of the newest forms of treatment and educates himself on their application, thus his patients benefit from his continuing education. Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Royer for chiropractic treatment.

Lynda S. – Sylvania, OH

I have been dealing with neck and lower back pain for quite a few years. Harmony Chiropractic was referred to me by one of my clients. Dr. Royer has used new techniques on me that are working for me. I have been to other chiropractic offices where you are there along with five or six other patients at the same time and see the chiropractor for 3 minutes. With Dr. Royer, he is the person working with you your entire visit. I would highly refer anyone to Harmony Chiropractic.

Allison A. – Sylvania, OH

runner glute activation

As I was training for my first marathon, I developed a pain in my left Achilles Tendon and up into my Soleus. I was about 10 weeks out and thought all hope to be lost.

I tried conservative treatment at home, but was unsuccessful. At about 6 weeks out, the pain was so bad that I was walking with a limp. I did some research into the Graston Technique and decided that the process may help me recover. After a little bit of research, I was able to find Dr. Royer, so I decided to give him a shot.

I was a bit skeptical at first due to the fact that he is a “Chiropractor.” I thought that they just did weird magic tricks and people believed that they felt better. Needless to say, on the first visit, Dr. Royer said that he would have me ready for the half marathon, thus reinforcing my skepticism.

There was no way that I was going to be able to go from barely walking to running 13.1 in just 5 ½ weeks!

I didn’t trust this Lex Luthor look-alike for a second! The pain from Graston Technique is no joke!

During that first treatment, I was asking myself why I am paying someone to dig into my Achilles with a metal rod! Dr. Royer just laughed. About two weeks and 5 visits later, Dr. Royer suggested that I try to run 2 miles.

At this point, I still had some tenderness in the Achilles region, but decided to give it a go. A couple days later, I ran 4, and then 6, then 8 and finally, 1 week before the half, I ran a 10 miler! Dr. Royer was at the expo before the race, so I met with him so he could put the Kinesio Tape on my leg.

Something I was skeptical about at first (more Chiropractor magic), but it seemed as though it helped throughout the recovery process. I ended up running a pretty decent race (1:43), and was so happy with Dr. Royer that I decided to go back again after the race to have him Graston my IT Band (which flared a little in the race).

Through all the pain, I was able to regain confidence in my Achilles. I gained a lot of knowledge and am actively applying it to my every day running routine.

I thoroughly recommend Dr. Royer and will be calling him in the event I have another injury. I also recommend his massage therapist whom I have seen as well.

Scott T. – Maumee, OH

Dr. Royer is a true wellness professional. He takes the time necessary to understand his patients, their pain, and to discuss any chiropractic concerns.

He creates customized treatment plans and is always assessing what is and is not working. Dr. Royer is extremely knowledgeable and is an avid learner- he loves knowing, understanding and using the best possible methods for overall health through chiropractic care.

I have used Dr. Royer over the last 5 years and at different times, different things have helped me- it is not always just an adjustment- it might have been kinesio tape or the graston technique.

He has worked in sync with physical therapists and massage therapists. Dr. Royer is the best choice for a chiropractor.

Rose T. – Perrysburg, OH

While I was in Pennsylvania for a family trip, I began to suffer excruciating back pains and felt the need to contact a chiropractor. Years of working in Security began catching up with me that weekend and I searched for chiropractors in Toledo. My first visit with Dr. Royer was great, and reassuring. He has a great personality and a great amount of knowledge in his field. He was honest right from the beginning about the expected length of treatment and the costs involved. His initial examination was thorough and painless. I have been seeing Dr. Royer since October of 2008 and my back has never felt better. I am now able to go through my days at work, and at play, without the pain I felt before. I actually enjoy going to see him because of his professional attitude, great personality and his genuine concern for his patients well being both at the time of the visit and long term. I would certainly recommend Dr. Royer to anyone who is in need of Chiropractic care.

Jeff H. – Sylvania, OH

benefits of chiropractic care

Dr. Royer is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when I have had back pain. He also worked me through a painful pinched nerve in my neck. He is personable and always explains everything very thoroughly. Dr. Royer has helped me to exercise without pain and he taught me how to take precautions and preventative measures to avoid pain. I was amazed at how my back felt better immediately.

Terri P. – Toledo, OH

Dr. Royer has been treating me for upper back pain for about 2 months. I have suffered from back pain for years.

I recently moved back to Toledo and needed to find a new Dr. I am a firm believer that chiropractic care is an essential part of my overall well-being and health.

Pain pills and back surgery are not a good option for me to deal with my chronic back pain

I am impressed by how thorough Dr. Royer has been. He took a lot of time in determining the source/cause of my pain.

I have been treated by a handful of chiropractors over the years and had never been treated with The Graston Technique – so I was skeptical at first when Dr. Royer suggested it.

I am surprised by how effectively it has worked for me.

2 months ago, I couldn’t turn my neck from side to side. I am now able to look over my shoulder without discomfort and my quality of sleep is much improved.

I did feel instant relief from my pain after my first appointment, but my range of motion and overall tightness has steadily improved in the last few weeks with regular visits. Dr. Royer takes a lot of time to understand why and how you are hurting.

If someone is skeptical of chiropractors, I would recommend to them that they at least try Dr. Royer. He will take the time to explain what is he doing and why he thinks it will work in a straightforward, professional manner with no sales pitches or pressure.

Dr. Royer’s assistant, Chelsea, has been really great to work with as well. She is always super helpful and friendly. She is really like a chiropractor concierge – from billing my insurance to setting appointments she does it all!

Maggie C. – Sylvania, OH

I became Dr. Royer’s patient after running my first 5K. I had changed my lifestyle from a sedentary one to an active way of life. But after that first 5K, I developed hip and knee pain. Dr. Royer combined chiropractic adjustments with Kinesio Taping. I quickly saw positive results. The Kinesio Taping also allowed me to continue with my running and bicycling while my body healed. Dr. Royer also provided me with strengthening and range of motion exercises to further my healing process. I have since run 2 more 5K’s with no injury or pain. Dr. Royer also taught me about foods that were contributing to my symptoms and we have recently started treating an old surgery incision with the Graston Technique to break up the scar tissue. After only 2 treatments I am feeling results. My experience and Harmony Chiropractic Center has been a very positive one.

Ruth G. – Toledo, OH

I have suffered with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain for over 25 years. I wore a bite guard when I slept at night and aside from occasional flare-ups of pain/inflammation that were treated with Advil I had no problems living with it. That is until last October during a very stressful time in my life, I began experiencing symptoms that I had no idea were related to my TMJ. At first, my right ear felt clogged, it gradually worsened to the point I could not hear out of it. I thought it was filled with wax, I tried over-the-counter remedies, I went to my family doctor and had my ears irrigated and tried eardrops to no avail. Then, my lower back started to hurt, it spread up into my neck and became so intense on the right side I could not turn my head. By the time I realized this pain was related to my jaw and not an ear issue, a sinus issue or a problem in my neck, I was in so much pain that it hurt to talk, laugh or even eat. I cringed every time I knew that I was going to yawn, cough or sneeze because this aggravated the pain in my jaw. I sought treatment with my dentist who created a splint that fit over my bottom teeth, it shifted my jaw to the left to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with the right side of my jaw. I wore this 24/7 for 2 months. It helped, but I could not eat anything but soup and soft foods and still could not open my mouth all the way, in addition, when I removed the splint to brush my teeth all my symptoms returned. My dentist suggested a chiropractor. I did my research on line of area chiropractors. I could have taken the easy way out and found one close to my house. However, after reading about Dr. Royer on line and speaking with his Chelsea who was very informative and helpful and seeing the extensive forms his office had me fill out to get to know my distinct issues, I decided to give it a try. I had never been to a chiropractor and did not know what to expect, I even took my husband with me on the first visit as I was pretty nervous. I found out quickly that I had nothing to fear. Dr. Royer and his staff were very welcoming and explained everything to me professionally and in a way that I could understand. Dr. Royer took a very long time to just sit and listen to my various complaints and then did a thorough examination and a treatment all in the same day. I started to go 3 times a week to see Dr. Royer. I had electric stimulation to my jaw and neck and then Dr. Royer adjusted my neck and spine and once a week I had the Graston technique used on my jaw. It has been less than a month since my first visit with Dr. Royer and I feel like a new person. I did not realize how much pain I was in and how antisocial I had become because of it, until Dr. Royer took the pain away. I can laugh again, I can eat the foods I like, I yawn without fear of putting myself into intense pain and the constant clicking associated with TMJ in my jaws is no longer present. I am extremely happy with the results. Dr. Royer has taught me daily exercises, along with scalp and jaw massage techniques to do at home to continue with my therapy. I am down to seeing him once a week already because there has been so much improvement. I am recommending Dr. Royer and his chiropractic technique to all my friends and family. I had no idea that a chiropractic service could help with my severe TMJ symptoms, but it certainly has!

Debbie S. – Port Clinton, OH

I had been struggling with knee problems for about 4 years. According to the MRI, I had a perfectly healthy knee. However, I had limited mobility and severe pain. I was referred to Dr. Royer via a coworker who raved about Dr. Royer, the Graston Technique and Kinesio tape. After my first visit, I could feel a difference in pain and mobility!! With each visit, I continued to see improvement. Dr. Royer took the time to explain what he was doing and the reason why I was feeling pain and mobility problems. He treated me with respect and listened to what I had to say.

Anyone who is willing to listen I will share the life changing treatment I have experienced with Dr. Royer. If it wasn’t for him and the Kinesio tape and Graston technique, I would not be running my first half marathon!

Christina G. – Toledo, OH

I went to Dr. Royer to get help with a very painful still neck and lower back issues. I had some other medical problems I was dealing with and Dr. Royer patiently listened to all of my concerns. He recommended medical tests for me to discuss with my internist. Dr. Royer’s compassion and expertise makes him a valuable ally in regaining health! I am doing great, no more stiff neck or painful back problems. His chiropractic treatments have resolved these chronic problems.

Judy F. – Lambertville, MI

headaches can be caused from all types of reasons

Dr. Royer takes the time to explain why your body is not working like it should and works with you to correct it. By understanding what’s going on with my body, I can make the proper choices to improve my life. My whole life I was affected by seasonal allergies resulting in sinus and ear infections every Spring and Summer. Dr. Royer explained the role of diet and allergies to me. By reducing the amount of wheat, sugar and dairy in my diet, I have had no infections for over one year. My gallbladder was removed 14 years ago and 1-2 times a month I would have digestive problems. Dr. Royer suggested I use a Multienzyme supplement prior to a high-fat or rich meal. He explained that my body needs certain enzymes to digest food which I lack from the removal of my gallbladder. This supplement is perfect. When I do begin to notice some problems, I know how to correct it.

Angie H. – Toledo, OH

I first was referred for the Graston Technique and Kinesio taping after attending a class with Dr. Bill Moreau from the Olympic Training Center which Dr. Royer set up. I began my treatment in March 2012 and after several sessions and my initial consultation, which was phenomenal, and the education and home exercises that were given to me along with the treatment. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Graston Technique but my mind was put at ease with the knowledge that Dr. Royer possesses about all areas of health. He also referred me to the appropriate doctor to continue my road of recovery. I wouldn’t hesitate and have already referred clients to him.

Phyllis B. – Toledo, OH

I began my chiropractic experience with Dr. Royer in fall of 2014 after enduring 3 months of lower back pain.  I was scared at first and did not know what to expect. At my first appointment Chelsea, his office manager made me feel very comfortable. She talked me through everything and made me feel at ease. When I met Dr. Royer, he was very professional, explained everything, did a thorough assessment, and the best part he treated me on the FIRST visit!! I left my first day feeling confident in Dr. Royer’s techniques and<br />in less pain then when I came into his office!! He completely relieved that lower back pain and by the end of fall and I was completely pain free. Unfortunately, I had a shoulder and upper back injury in December and I did not hesitate to turn to Dr. Royer yet again. I came into the office literally in tears could not extend my arm above shoulder height and was having 8 out of 10 pain constantly (ouch!!). After one single treatment with Kinesio Tape, Graston Technique, adjustments and care I began feeling better. After about a month I was experiencing NO PAIN with raising my arm extended above my shoulder. Dr. Royer took his time with me, cared for me, and CURED me. I cannot thank him and Chelsea for the amazing experience and for the pain free life I live. I would return to Dr. Royer with every injury I ever have and trust him fully!!

Amanda B. – Toledo, OH

I have been seeing Dr. Royer and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has back issues. Dr. Royer came recommended to me by a friend who knew that I had been having back issues for almost 10 years. Many of my issues were as a result of a large chest. In 2004, I had a breast reduction surgery which I thought would take away many of my back aches and other symptoms. It provided some relief but some of the issues still remained. Therefore, over the next 4 years these issues proceed to get worse. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the surgery simply took away the weight, it didn’t repair the damaged muscles and tissue. So for 4 years these muscles and tissue continued to function as they had previously which was not correct. Then in early 2009 when the pain started to get the worst it had ever been, I went to see Dr. Royer. He explained everything that was wrong in a friendly and informative manner. He answered all my questions and created and implemented a treatment program. He is very honest, upfront and informative. He won’t move forward unless you understand why it is that he is going to do anything. The implemented treatment program was a success. Now it is about 4 months since my initial visit and my back hasn’t felt this good in many years. I am able to many things again such as simply washing the dishes or standing for long periods of time without pain radiating from my back. I also have the best posture I have had in years. Due to the weight of my chest my muscles in my shoulders were agitated and didn’t respond how they were supposed to. Now the muscles are finally doing what they are supposed to which has resulted in better posture. Dr. Royer even gave me exercises that I can continue to do at home to help maintain and strengthen the areas where I had the most problems. To conclude, my experience with Dr. Royer has been a success. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed all while maintaining professionalism. He truly cares about his patients and wants to see them completely healthy. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of chiropractic care.

Emily B. – Toledo, OH

chiropractic adjustment

My journey with Dr. Royer and his staff began in June of 2013. I have struggled with tarsal tunnel syndrome for many years and undergone 2 surgeries for my condition. Neither of which have brought the amount of relief I’m seeking.

I had developed an excessive amount of post-operative scar tissue along the inside of my ankle that Dr. Royer has been treating with Graston therapy. The scar has decreased in size and become looser overall. I still feel I have a ways to go with the healing process but Graston therapy has helped.

I appreciate Dr. Royer’s extensive knowledge, professionalism and down to earth atmosphere in his office. His assistant, Chelsea is irreplaceable and also contributes to the smoothness and friendliness of his office.

Crystal Z. – Holland, OH

Dr. Royer is a wonderful, caring chiropractor. I personally use his services and recommend my clients to his office. Chiropractic care is a must to my personal maintenance program along with Massage Therapy every month. This allow me to stay in balance. I have used chiropractic care to help with headaches, neck pain, sprained ankle, torn meniscus (knee) and back pain for over 10 years. I would recommend a chiropractor over a regular doctor every day. It is extremely important that you find a qualified chiropractor that believes in health and wellness for you and Dr. Royer is one of the finest in Toledo!

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Deb K. – Temperance, MI

In the spring of 2009, I had a knee injury that I could not understand. I was trying to get back into running and became frustrated when my knee froze up. Bryan helped me with not only giving me adjustment but also helping me see that I needed orthotics. As much as I resisted it now that I have them I cannot imagine running without them. My IT Band was severely injured and I could not run or drive my manual transmission car. Now I am training for a Marathon in May of 2010 and feeling better than ever. Thank you, Bryan

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Lori C. – Toledo, OH

I have received the benefits of being a patient of Dr. Royer’s on several occasions. Dr. Royer is very professional, personal and pays attention to detail. He takes time with each client to ensure that proper procedures are completed so that his work is most effective. I would highly recommend Dr. Royer as your chiropractor and wellness professional!

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Melonie D. – Perrysburg, OH

Bryan’s sense of humor along with his knowledge make him a top notch chiropractor. He never ceases to amaze me and is willing to share the knowledge to help me be a better massage therapist.

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Joani Donovan, LMT, CKTP – Holland, OH

Bryan is easy to work with and talk to which helps him to effectively provide support, corrections, and recommendations for you.

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Karen S. – Toledo, OH

Dr. Bryan Royer is a great chiropractor. He helped me through my initial shoulder discomfort and several issues since like knee and hip discomfort. I like that Dr. Royer teaches me how to help myself as well, with exercises that I can do at home and guidance on whole food vitamins. He has always taken time to answer my questions and has been patient when my two young boys have had to come to my appointment. I can tell that Dr. Royer cares about his patients and truly wants to see us all improve.

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Audrey L. – Toledo, OH

Dr. Royer is an outstanding chiropractor. He is kind, gentle, and listens to his patient’s needs and concerns. Not only does he provide relief from aches and pains, but he provides a listening ear before, during, and after treatment. He is concerned with the overall well-being of his patients. Dr. Royer has a great sense of humor and a shining personality. He is skilled in his trade and works with his patients to find the right treatment and technique.

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Amanda D. – Monroe, MI

I found Dr. Bryan Royer to be the most comprehensive, informative chiropractor I have ever visited. His examination was very thorough and covered many aspects of overall health. His treatment plan was effective and quick. His personality is also very fun… so I couldn’t help but look forward to my appointments. I also did a joint presentation with him for the WEN organization – he was well organized and did a great job keeping the attention of the audience.

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Pat A. – Waterville, OH

Bryan was referred to me by another colleague. He is very personable and friendly and made both my husband and I comfortable. He is very professional and knowledgeable in his field. I would highly recommend Bryan!

Dr. Royer’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Karrie B. – Toledo, OH

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