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Meet the Hypervolt Percussion Massager

by | July 24, 2021

The use of massage guns has increased in recent years due to their comfort and effectiveness in getting into muscle tissue. These devices are designed to promote good blood circulation, speed up regeneration cells, and warming up, also relieve sore muscles and muscle tension. For good reason, one of the most popular devices is Hyperice’s Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun. It is a quality product that was developed by rocket scientists and has excellent features. Hypervolt is considered one of the top brand names of percussion massagers, with its main competition being Theragun.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Hypervolt but aren’t sure if it worth your money, we’ll share all of the details to help you make a decision.

Hypervolt Percussion Massager

What does a Hypervolt percussion massager do?

The Hypervolt is a sleek device that looks more like a laser weapon instead of a jigsaw. It can work muscle similar to a foam roller, which means you can use it to restore and activate the body.

It has the following characteristics:

3-speed Settings.

The Hypervolt can move up to 3,200 percussions per minute. The lower setting is designed for post-workout training so you can relax your muscles and reach more sensitive areas. The other two higher settings are ideal for your pre-workout routine to make your muscles healthy, warmed up and relaxed and the higher settings can also be used for loosening tight knots. They are controlled by a button on the back of the device and the speed is indicated by the number of blue lights that are lit. 

Four Accessories for the Head.

They help you focus on specific areas, such as Trigger points. The different attachments are:

  • Ball: The ball has the largest surface. The best attachment to start with.
  • Fork. This is used to perform work on a specific muscle group like the Achilles tendon.
  • Flathead. It has a smaller surface area, so it works better on smaller areas like the wrist.
  • Bullet. It is used to mark very specific areas.

Long Battery Life.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 3 hours, making it the best choice for long runs and training sessions. The battery is removable. To maximize battery life, turn off the battery when not in use.

Quieter than Most Percussion Massagers.

Hypervolt features Quiet Glide technology, which works like a piston, spinning the ball and then moving it up and down, making it very quiet.

What Is a Hypervolt Percussion Massager Good for?

In general, therapeutic percussion massage is beneficial for everyone. Massage guns deliver extensive satisfaction for athletes, those recuperating from injuries, and the average person. Percussion massage therapy can aid in soothing muscles and alleviating pain. You may be sitting at the office table all day and have pain in your neck and back. Athletes and desk jockeys gain from increased blood flow in the muscles and therefore increased oxygen availability. This lessens muscle pain and cramps after training or workout, stimulating the body’s potential to recuperate and heal more rapidly. It’s also a great warm-up before the pre-competition. Percussion massage balances the target muscle group by strengthening muscles, relieving tension and reducing physical stress on bones and joints. Therefore to reiterate, this type of massage benefits regular fans, athletes, and some type of injuries.

What are the advantages of a Hypervolt percussion massager?

As I mentioned earlier, there are a wide variety of benefits and uses for percussion massage therapy. Let’s take closer a look at the benefits of a massage gun.

Consistent Performance and Feedback

The back of the Hypervolt has a few features to help create a consistent experience. While the on switch is on the bottom, the back has a button to control the speed as discussed above. The battery charge level is clearly indicated here as well in green lights. But one of the real keys to consistency is an indication of the pressure that you are using the Hypervolt. Three white lights on the back of the device indicate your pressure so you can keep it consistent between sessions. 

Another huge factor is the Hyperice app that is available for your phone. This app covers using the Vyper 2.0 so it is worth downloading the app for free just to have access to the foam rolling guided videos. Unless you are a foam rolling master, that is. Some Hypervolts have Bluetooth connectivity that allow you to connect it to your phone to automatically control the speed while using the app and following along with one of the guided videos for the Hypervolt. The tech nerd in me appreciates how cool that is as a feature, but the realist knows it is not necessary. It is just convenient that it will switch speeds when the timer ends, and you move on to a different muscle group. The Hyperice app allows you to filter different routines so you can search routines that only use devices that you have whether it be a normal item like a percussion massager, foam roller or lacrosse ball (Hypersphere Mini) as well as the Venom Series or the Normatec systems that runners and triathletes drool over.

Hypervolt Percussion Massager

Medical applications

Hypervolt percussion therapy is known to break up internal scar tissue while enhancing the lymphatic and venous circulation which results in improved healing time. Hypervolt Percussion also distorts moves tissue resulting in moving stiff joints and muscle spasms while stretching muscle fibers. This movement relaxes the muscles and unwinds the fascia, thus preventing muscle spasms from arising in the future. It is also even used for post-operative treatment. 

Improved athletic performance

World-class athletes frequently use percussion massagers, like Kyrie Irving during the 2017 NBA Finals. Elite athletes know Hypervolt percussion massagers stretch connective tissue and muscles which can improve responsiveness, fitness, and overall performance. Athletes can run longer and more frequently with reduced fatigue and muscle pain due to improved blood circulation from a superior warm-up. Recovery time can be improved which can lead to gains in muscle strength. 


Percussion massage using a Hypervolt speeds up the process of rehabilitating muscles that have been injured by illness, injury, or surgery. The percussions produced by the Hypervolt cause contractions in the muscle. This is extremely beneficial for people who cannot participate in rehabilitation and may aid in strengthening the muscles. It has been used in patients with partial or complete paralysis to prevent disuse atrophy by stimulating the muscles and to improve reflex reactions in nerves reacting to stimulation.

Wellness benefit

General wellness benefits of using a percussion massager may include: improved sleep, improved sleeping habits, lowered blood pressure, better organ/tissue health, improved digestion and balancing the autonomic nervous system


Most people would agree that massages feel great and can be very relaxing. Even people that don’t like massages can use these since they can control everything about it.

Stress relief

Hypervolt percussion massagers promote relaxation, encourage deeper breathing while reducing stress and anxiety.

Pain relief

Hypervolt Percussion massage does not need medication to reduce muscle pain. 


Hypervolt Percussion massage helps reduce inflammation, break down scar tissue and loosen adhesions. This is yet another factor that speeds up the athlete’s healing and recovery time.

Mobility and flexibility

An athlete’s functional fitness is improved by relaxing and stretching muscle tissue and fascia which leads to increased flexibility and mobility.


No really, you might think I’m nuts, but let do the math. Most massages cost well over $60 per hour massage and maybe $35-40 for only a half-hour. The “Nighttime Relief” Routine on the app hits the lower body and takes about 20 minutes. Ten or twenty minutes here or there can add up. But it isn’t throwing away money when you are using it. The Hypervolt pays for itself in under 9 thirty-minute uses. Serious runners should seriously consider getting a Hypervolt. 


If you have a Hypervolt percussion massager, it is super-portable and easy to use. So, you can pack it in a bag and take it everywhere with you. It’s like having your favorite massage therapist following you wherever you go. In fact, Hypervolts are TSA-approved as carry-on, but should not go in checked bags because lithium-ion batteries are prohibited there. The battery charger can go either place but will not typically be needed for a short trip since the batteries last so long. 

Since you can use this little beauty whenever it is convenient for you. You can use it for 5 minutes at a time when you have a nagging tweak in your calf and head it off at the pass. Now let’s be clear, I do not think percussion massagers replace your massage therapist, but they may make your sessions more pleasant since you can take care of yourself between sessions. Imagine how awful your semi-annual cleaning would be if you didn’t brush your teeth in between visits to the dentist.

How to use a Hypervolt percussion massager?

When it comes to using a Hypervolt massage gun, more pressure isn’t necessarily better. How much is too much? There is a lot of blood flowing when the tissue turns red. At this point, you should move the Hypervolt massage gun to another part of the body. If you keep the massage gun in one place for long periods (more than a few minutes in some cases), your skin may be sore and sensitive, and there is a risk of bruising. In general, I recommend usually moving the massage gun back and forth within an area (like around a muscle) using a sweeping pattern. If you find a tender area in a muscle, you could keep Hypervolt over it in a static position for several seconds before moving on.

Hypervolt Percussion Massager

Why Use Hypervolt Percussion Massager?

It is a portable, silent, and lightweight massager, with a variety of accessories that can be used on different parts of the body. It is easy to use and you can take it anywhere. The lightweight Hypervolt device weighs just 2.5 pounds, so it won’t stick like a stone in your gym bag. The quiet motor lets you shift gears as needed and switch between five different headgear to vary your experience.

One of the best features is the integrated pressure sensor technology. This will give you visual feedback to help you determine if you are using it correctly and what effect it is having on your muscles.

The battery lasts up to three hours, which is one hour longer than Theragun. There is a useful LED indicator that also lets you know when the battery is ready to charge.

Hypervolts are also made by a company called Hyperice, which makes many other well known self myofascial release products, like the Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller.

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