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by | March 31, 2022

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Here is a list of our upcoming webinars. Be sure to click on the link provided so you can register for the webinar.

Rebuilding the Brain – 06/23/2022 @ 7:00 pm  (Webinar)

Functional neurology strategies can pinpoint specific damaged areas of the brain following a stroke. These strategies allow Functional Neurologists the ability to repair damages through unique methods of treatment.
You’re highly encouraged to share and attend our next webinar, Rebuilding the Brain, on Thursday, June 23rd at 7:00 pm EDT.

During this event, you will learn potentially life-saving skills by understanding how to identify signs of stroke and how to recover from one. 

This is guaranteed to be incredibly valuable!

Please click the button below for more information and to reserve your spot.

It All Starts with Your Feet – 07/07/2022 @ 7:00 pm  (Webinar)


We are holding a special event to help people discover what could be contributing to their foot and ankle pain, and exploring ways to find relief.

During this webinar, Harmony Chiropractic will be discussing information, sharing facts, and exploring techniques that can help participants reduce inflammation and cope with pain.

“You spend up to 80 percent of your waking hours on your feet, and each day your feet absorb over 2,265,000 kilograms of accumulated pressure. So it’s no wonder that, from time to time, your feet end up in a world of hurt!” says Dr. Bryan D. Royer. “Our goal is to help you find relief from the distracting and at times, debilitating pain that can come from your feet and ankles. If you’re not interested in reaching for painkillers every time you experience pain, there are alternatives to relieve pain naturally. From do-it-yourself massage to exercises you can from anywhere, this class will help you learn ways that you can improve your level of comfort.”

We hope you can join us!

Please click the button below for more information and to reserve your spot.

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